Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Buti Yoga classes now offered in Amador County

The Studio
91 Church Street
Sutter Creek CA 95685

(209) 273-8074

Class schedule:
Tuesdays 7pm
Saturdays 5pm

Open to everyone 13 and up

$60 Monthly unlimited
$10 Drop ins

*“Student special” through 2018
$40 monthly unlimited


Buti yoga is a modern and fast growing yoga practice. Buti yoga is a dynamic blend of primal Movement, cardio intensive Tribal Dance, and Vinyasa Yoga, utilizing the spiral structure technique for deep core engagement. The entire workout is driven by the music with the beats setting the tone for hiit style moments, fluid flows, and deep stretching.

BUTI  means “the cure to something that is hidden” in Indian Maharathi.  Our goal in BUTI is to unlock the Shakti energy trapped in the lower two chakras.

Anela Garcia is excited and proud to bring Buti Yoga to Amador County.

“Buti allows me to blend my creative side with my determination. I bring an eclectic mix of music, and an ever evolving creative flow to each class. Buti never fails to connect me with myself and community through teaching. A cathartic process that wrings out stress and opens our hearts for that glowing feeling of Buti Bliss!”

-Angela Garcia

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Amador Council of Tourism - Thurs Oct 11

Hello, Amador Tourism Supporters-

Amador Council of Tourism’s Board Meeting is next Thursday, October 11, 9 am, at Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort’s hotel conference room. Please see the attached agenda (below). The board last met in August and as you review the agenda, you will see that promotion of Amador as a destination has continued on its powerful and effective course. Many thanks to  our partners for their investment in Amador Council of Tourism’s efforts: through membership, participation as a co-operative advertising partner, and/or in-kind donations.

All are welcome. Thank you to Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort who generously provides a light breakfast, coffee, hot water for tea. The agenda is usually completed within an hour, and we quickly update one another on what’s new with our businesses, destinations, and towns. I hope you will stay to the end.

If you cannot make the meeting and have any questions, please contact me at maureenfunk@volcano.net or by cell at 209-969-5065.

Thank you for your support,

Maureen Funk 
Amador Council of Tourism
PO Box 40/460 Sutter Hill Road, Ste. D
Sutter Creek CA 95685
Phone: 209-267-9249


Agenda Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort October 11, 2018 9:00 am 

Executive/ Finance (voted)
Lodging Committee
Supper Under the Stars
Minutes August meeting
Executive Board Meeting Report, September 13
Slate for 2019 Board of Directors
Treasurers Report
   Payment to BOS completed 8/28

Supper Under the Stars Report
Yelp “Gold Country Getaway” Report
Membership Drive: 200 members in 2018. 2-3 new members per director.
Voluntary Tourism Assessment Update
   Lodging Committee Meeting, Oct. 25, 3pm, Imperial Hotel

Bay Area News Group insert, August 19
Website redesign

Travel Shows/Industry Forums/Press 2018
Brand USA’s IPW Report
DMA West Leadership Summit report
Southwest Travel Agents, Sep. 19-20

Visitor Center Update 

2018 Schedule, 9 am, Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort Hotel
November 8
December 18, Tuesday, General Membership Meeting, 5:30 pm