Friday, June 22, 2018

London Plumbing & Remodeling: Do I really need a permit to install or change a water heater?

The simple answer is YES! Sometimes people think that pulling a permit means excessive costs, invasive inspections and having to bring their entire home “UP TO CODE” on everything they have ever done or repaired. This is not the case.  Most of the time the inspector will limit their inspection to the items on the permit.

 When we replace a water heater (propane, gas or electric) we are dealing with gas, flame, exhaust gasses or 220 volts of electricity. If everything is done safely & up to code you should have many years of good service from your new water heater.

 I used a licensed Plumber or Contractor, so they must have done the work up to code, RIGHT??  I mean they are licensed aren’t they? It is unfortunate, but that is NOT TRUE!

 Recently we have replaced 2 water heaters.  #1 was in a manufactured home, it was installed improperly and when it leaked it caused property damage.  #2 was installed by another local plumber who didn’t install the water heater up to code so the warranty was voided by the manufacturer and our customer had to replace the unit.  On another job, a water heater was vented by the contractor in an unsafe manner, under a deck, within 18” of combustibles & less than 48” away from windows and doors.

The advantage of pulling a permit is that your life & health safety are being protected as an independent 3rd party does the safety inspections. Had the people with the above water heater installations insisted on permits then everything would have been done up to code & safely.  Look for more on this in our next article, and thank you for reading.

 London Plumbing & Remodeling (formerly Stuart London Handyman) is licensed, bonded & insured.  Contractor’s license # is 846653.  We are located in Pine Grove, CA & are a full service Plumber, contractor & handyman.  Please give us a call @ 209-296-3613.  “WE CALL BACK & SHOW UP!” TM

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