Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Plaid Friday: A FREE County-wide "Shop Local" Promotion Program!


Amador County Businesses!
Participate in Free County-wide "Shop Local" Promotion Program:
Amador Chamber of Commerce and Amador Council of Tourism are partnering to promote Plaid Friday, a kinder, gentler version of Black Friday, November 25th. If your business will be open and you want more customers -- locals and visitors -- reply to this email by October 15th. Restaurants, wineries, and entertainment venues are welcome along with shopping destinations.
Participation is free. Create an offer for customers wearing plaid on Plaid Friday, and send it to either or
The two organizations will promote Plaid Friday locally and regionally:
  • Online Shopper's Guide
  • Radio, print and online advertising, in and out of county
  • Press releases to regional media outlets
  • Social media
  • Tear sheets and posters
This is an opportunity to add new customers to your business.

You can help by including the event in your e-newsletters, putting tear sheets in your customer bags, and sharing your participation in the event on Facebook.
According to,
'Plaid Friday is the relaxing and enjoyable alternative to the big box store "Black Friday," and is designed to promote both local and independently-owned businesses during the holidays.'
Deadline: October 15th
Submit business name, address, phone number, Plaid Friday
hours and brief description of your Plaid Friday special to or 
Amador Chamber of Commerce
Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 596, 115 Main Street, Jackson, CA 95642

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