Monday, March 14, 2016

HR Management Seminar - Wed Apr 6

HR Management Seminar
Wednesday, APRIL 6 from 9am to noon
Dickey's Barbecue Pit (12240 Industry Blvd., Jackson)

HR Management Seminar- an essential class for small business owners, officemanagers, or anyone working with their company's Human Resource Functions.
The Amador County Chamber of Commerce is proud to offer this seminar.
Cost: $80.00 Chamber members receive a 25% discount ( total cost $60)
 Every attendee will leave with a manual full of checklists, necessary forms and useful resources. 
Seating is limited and per-registration is a MUST! Call 209-223-0350 now  
Class will cover:
  • What HR laws apply to me?
  • How do I stay legal and safe?  What are the "best practices" that will keep your organization out of legal hot water and avoid fines and penalties
  • How do I know if my employee is exempt, non-exempt or an independent contractor?  What happens if I misclassify?
  • The Ins and Outs of Wage and Hour laws - what do I need to know besides minimum wage and basic overtime rules?
  • What should be in my employee handbook?  Do I really need one?
  • Recordkeeping requirements and Retention time frames....and much more
About the Instructor:

Sue Allred holds senior level Human Resource certifications from the Society for Human Resource Management and the Human Resources Certification Institute. She has over 12 years of HR and regulatory compliance experience, beginning in the Financial Services industry, and most recently doing Independent Consulting services for local businesses, including commercial, retail, non-profit and restaurant sectors.

115 Main St., Jackson

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