Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Amador Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting - Fri July 17

Board of Directors Meeting
Friday, July 17th, 2015,
8:30 a.m./Holiday Inn

Welcome/Pledge of Allegiance-Beth Stanton
Old Business and Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes – Beth Stanton
  • Treasurer’s Report  - Budget Overview  Sharon Lundgren
  • TOT Request Updates
  • Distribution of Binders
Government Reports:
  • City of Jackson: Mike Daley
  • State of California:  Dana Jorgenson
  • County Supervisor Report:
Executive Board Meeting:
  • By Law Additions Board Recommendation Discussion Only
  • Executive Term     Board Recommendation Discussion Only
  • Meeting Location   Discussion Possible Action
Mixer Report: Frank Manzano
People: 102   Revenue: TBA   Next Mixer Dickies: BBQ
Business Person of the Year: Susan Manning
Chamber Office Report – Thomi Manzano

Business Association Reports:
  • ACRA
  • ACT
  • IBCA/Preston Castle
  • JBCA
Guests: TBD
New Business
Committee Assignments
Announcements: Members & Guests

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