Monday, April 13, 2015

Four ACT Co-op Advertising Opportunities

Four ACT Co-op advertising opportunities are below. Please review, and I hope your business fits at least one of these plans:

Capital Public Radio is offering two different opportunities. One program needs six partners and the other requires a mix of nine. Please review the word documents and contact Paul Adams directly by email or phone.
His email is: Phone is 916-995-8801.
Folsom Lake Entertainer has an inexpensive option, which is part of  a spread supported by Amador Council of Tourism. The magazine is part of Gold Country Media, and is distributed monthly in their papers and on stands throughout the See attached pdf called ‘Amador County Share.fle.pdf’. If this works for your business, please contact Jennifer Herndon.
Email is: Phone is 916-351-3750.
Sactown Magazine is published every other month and has proposed an Amador Travel Planner insert. With enough involvement, this can be very impactful. Please contact Lisa Bonk.
Email is and phone is 917-647-6775.
Sacramento Magazine is published monthly and has a similar shared page to Folsom Lake Entertainer. They offer various prices and sizes. Dennis Rainey is the contact.
Email is and phone is 916-351-3750.
Please look these over and if you have any questions do contact the office. We chose these outlets because we think we can build visitation through advertising with each of their audiences.

Thank you for your support,

Amador Council of Tourism
PO Box 40/115 Valley View Way
Sutter Creek CA 95685
Phone: 209-267-9249

NOTE: The ACT has rate sheets for the above advertisers. Contact

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