Friday, February 28, 2014

EMCO receives 2013 "Product of the Year" award

Congratulations EMCO 
For over four decades, EMCO High Voltage Corporation, in Sutter Creek has been designing and manufacturing high voltage power supplies for a wide range of applications. EMCO's dedication to quality and reliability has earned the company numerous awards, including, Product of the Year from the University of California, Davis, and a Key Partner Award from the University of Wisconsin for project ICECUBE.
Today EMCO announced that its AG Series of ultra-miniature low voltage DC to high voltage DC converters has earned the 2013 Product of the Year award from Electronic Products Magazine.

Congratulation to our Chamber member.....EMCO.  

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Chamber Morning Mixer - Wed Mar 5

Chamber Morning Mixer
Hosted by:
           Admission:  $5.00
           Bring a raffle item!
Get your business recognized!
       Everyone loves the raffle!

First 5 Amador's mission is to promote, support, and enhance the optimal development of Amador County's children from zero to five years of age.

March 5th 


975 Broadway,
(the Margaret Dalton Children's Center) 


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jackson Business & Community Association - Mon Mar 3

All Are Invited !
All Are Welcome !

Monday, March 3, 2014
Monthly Meeting 
5:30 PM - JBCA Office

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Plan on attending. Your suggestions, comments, ideas are                               encouraged and welcomed!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Meeting Agenda

Visitor:  Terra Easton Forgette, AmadorArts Update

Old Business:
    1. Treasurer Report
    2. Membership Update
    3. Budget Review
    4. Car Show Update
    5. Outstanding Bills
    6. ACT Update
    7. Any other old business
New Business:
  1. Sponsor Organ Festival - Sept. 27 & 28, 2014
  2. Future of Jazzin It Up in Jackson event
  3. Easter Event Plan
  4. Sierra Lodestar Ad Proposal
  5. Dandelion Days
  6. Office Staffing Proposal - Jeannette
  7. Any Other New Business

Next Meeting Monday, April 7, 2014
(Meetings are the first Monday of each month, put it on your calendar to join us!)

Jackson Business & Community Association
148 Main St.
Jackson, California 95642

Thursday, February 20, 2014

ACT co-op Reno Magazine Opportunity!

Hello, ACT partners!

Congratulations on the success of the San Francisco Chronicle insert, published Sunday, February 9th. Our sales representative enjoyed working with you and said we were the easiest to work with, by far. Kudos. I have extra copies available, in the office for you to use in your businesses. I expect we can use this throughout the year to promote the area.

Our next opportunity is with Reno Gazette Journal. Please read the note below from our sales representative, Cinnamon Hunter, and attached is an example of the advertising display. We have a long-term commitment to Reno Gazette Journal that allows a cost-effective buy-in for you. We have seen an uptick in requests for planners from the Reno area, and an uptick in Reno visitors, since we began advertising in December. ACT is committed to a full page in Reno Magazine. If six businesses participate, we can have two full pages and make a greater impression to their readership. We have advertised in their Reno Magazine and Sierra Outdoors Adventures Magazine, so far. Next we will publish in their Taste Magazine, which publishes seasonally. Your participation makes this all work more powerfully, as you have already seen with the San Francisco Chronicle.

Thank you for your support of our efforts. Please feel free to call or stop by, at any time with questions.

Thank you,

Maureen Funk
Amador Council of Tourism
115 Valley View Way
PO Box 40
Sutter Creek, CA  95685


Hello Business Owners of Amador County,

This email is an invitation for your business to be featured in RENO Magazine!

RENO Magazine is the Biggest Little City’s premier lifestyle magazine. With stories about Reno’s most fascinating people, social and charitable events and the latest trends, it’s the essential guide the Reno area. RENO Magazine speaks to the affluent customer. In Washoe County, there are more than 89,500 affluent men and women older than 35 who have an annual household income of more than $100,000. These people want to experience Reno and its surrounding areas and crave information that helps them find new ways to do so. RENO Magazine’s audience enjoys a variety of leisure activities, like outdoor adventures, pampering, shopping, travel, dining out, gambling and entertainment like movies and concerts. They also ensure their future by consulting with financial planners, Realtors and contractors before making major decisions about investments or real estate. Each issue of RENO Magazine is read by 57,700 local adults. Our distribution is designed to reach affluent adults in Reno as we purposefully deliver RENO Magazine to affluent neighborhoods and distribute RENO Magazine at 75 strategic locations throughout the Reno area.

What’s in it for you? Your business can be featured in this high impact magazine for an extremely low cost!

A full page in RENO Magazine generally costs $2,295, however with this special offer I would like to help you feature 6 businesses to a page and I have negotiated for the cost of a full page featuring 6 business to be $975! (A savings of 42% off of our normal advertising rates.) Because we are fitting 6 businesses to a page, the cost per business, per issue to participate is only $162.50!

If you would like to see a visual sample from the real RENO Magazine, please reach out to Maureen as I have mailed her physical copies. I have attached a digital sample (see below)  for your consideration. It is an example from our Reno Midtown cluster.

Please note, in order for the cluster page to be visually appealing and effective we do need to add businesses to this promotion in groups of 6. As you can see from the attached Midtown example though, if 12 businesses commit the results are really stunning and quite a statement. J

If you need further clarification on any of these details please call me directly and I would be happy to assist you. My normal office hours are Monday-Friday 9am – 5:30pm. I return all calls and emails within 24 hours of receipt, but generally sooner.

Media Consultant
RGJ Media

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Amador Council of Tourism - Thurs Feb 13

Amador Council of Tourism’s monthly board meeting is this Thursday, February 13th, 9am, at Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort’s Hotel conference room.
Attached (below) is the agenda and minutes from January’s meeting.
As you know we just published an insert in San Francisco Chronicle’s newspaper this past Sunday. I will be sending out additional co-operative advertising opportunities with Reno Gazette Journal and Folsom Lake Entertainer. I will send each in a separate email so that you can easily identify them in your in-box.

I am just returning from Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show, the largest travel show in the United States, representing Gold Country Visitors Association. The attendance was amazing and people largely knew who we were and wanted to plan a visit.

Please do contact the office with any questions you have. You are welcome to attend the meeting on Thursday.
Thank you for your support,

Maureen Funk
Executive Director
Amador Council of Tourism
115 Valley View Way
PO Box 40
Sutter Creek, CA  95685

Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort
February 13, 2014, 9:00 am

Updates to folders:
Director Responsibilities, Corrected roster, Corrected Meeting Schedule
Minutes, January meeting
Treasurers Report
            Membership Dues Increase

SF Chronicle report
Touramador Website, Phase 2 launched
Marketing Committee report

Savor Amador report
Westover Field, County Airport partnership
Amador Adventure Game/ New Fundraiser

Travel Shows/Industry Forums/Press
SF Chronicle reporters, January
Bay Area Travel Show report
Westways Magazine Journalist, January 31st and February 1st
Outlook Forum, Pasadena report
LA Times Travel Show report

March 11-14, Tech Summit for Visitor Bureaus, Portland
April 5-9, International Pow Wow, GCVA, Chicago

Visitor Center Report
Hours & Staffing

2014 Schedule: Thursday, 9 am, Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort, No July Meeting
April 10
May 8
No July Meeting
August 8
October 9
November 13
2014 Evening Meetings, 5:30 pm, No July Meeting
March 13, Main Library, Jackson, Friends of Amador County Library
June 12, Black Chasm Cavern, Pine Grove/Volcano
September 11, Holiday Inn Express, Jackson
December 11, Amador Vintage Market, Plymouth