Friday, October 5, 2012

Amador Council of Tourism: Agenda & Measure Q campaign - Thurs Oct 11

Hello, everyone-
I hope you are welcoming the cooler weather and enjoying our wonderful calendar of fall events.

Attached [below] are the agenda and Measure Q campaign time line. Our board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 11th, 9 am, in the hotel at Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort. We will meet in the Fire/Rain room.  I will forward August minutes as soon as I possibly can.

Please note that breakfast is provided and we ask that you arrive early, about 8:45, so that we can start our meeting promptly at 9 am.

We will be passing the hat for Measure Q and appreciate any investments (as Pat Crosby says) that you make. We are distributing fliers door-to-door beginning Monday the 8th in the evening. Please review the attached schedule and let me know when and where you can help. Remember ACT?s name is on this measure and its success can make a big difference in our efforts of marketing Amador County.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or suggestions.

Thanks for your support,
Amador Council of Tourism
115 Valley View Way : PO Box 40
Sutter Creek, CA 95685
W: (209) 267-9249
C: (209) 969-5065

ACT Agenda
Jackson Rancheria Casino & Resort
October 11, 2012; 9:00 am

Minutes, August meeting (September was an evening meeting)
Treasurers Report: budget committee report
$20,000 from County; $2,000 from Plymouth
Executive Board report on meeting with Chamber Exec Board

Raffle tickets
Measure Q County TOT increase from 6% to 10%, November ballot
Customer Service Seminar, Nov. 6th, Tuesday, 10 am

Marketing Plan 2012
Website redesign
New planner, late 2012

Travel Shows/Industry Shows:
KVIE Preview Art Gala report
JRCR Wellness Fair report

Visitor Center Report
Sutter Hill Transit Center Open House, November 1 , need 2 board members to attend
ACT Volunteer manual

January: 136, 32 for transit; Feb.: 143, 38 for transit; Mar.: 187, 33 for transit;
Apr.: 246, 35 for transit; May: 249, 44 for transit; June 268, 29 for transit;
July 317, 43 for transit; Aug.: 234, 44 for transit; Sep.:152, 23 for transit.
Closed: 2 days in April, 1 day in May, 4 days in Jun., 3 days in July, 5 days in Aug., 5 in Sep.

2012 Schedule:
9 am meetings: Nov. 8

Evening meetings, 5:30 pm
Dec. 13, Imperial Hotel, Amador City

For more information about events, visit or
Facebook/Amador Council of Tourism

To list your events, send info to:



Fundraising update
Endorsements(local business people, city council members, non-profit leaders, etc.)
Line up Volunteers for walking
Line up Volunteers for phones
October 1, Monday: group photo, time and location
Photos of key supporters:
Tracey Berkner, done
Anne Platt
Sharon Lungren
Dick Cooper/Chris Chinco
Through Oct 8        
Deploy lawn signs
Ione:  15
Sutter Creek: 10
Jackson: 15
Martell:  3
Pioneer: 3
Shenandoah: 6
River Pines: 2
Fiddletown: 2
49 Corridor, Electra to 16: 6
Highway 88 corridor Martell up 10
Highway 88 corridor Martell down 10
Camanche: 3
That accounts for 85 of the 100.
Placement of large signs:
Highway 88 and 104
Amador Ranch, across from Preston
Wine Tree Farm, 49 bypass, near Amador City end
Oct. 8-13: Volunteers begin phoning voters with persuasive messaging to identify endorsements, “yes” voters, and lawn sign locations
Oct. 8-17: Volunteers drop door hangers
Oct. 8th, Monday, 5-7 pm, Jackson, Meet in Busi Parking Lot
            Oct. 9th, Tuesday, 5-7 pm, Jackson, Meet in Busi Parking Lot
Oct. 10th, Wednesday, 10 am-noon, Volcano, Volcano Union Inn
Oct. 11th, Thursday, 5-7 pm, Ione, Meet at Clark’s Corner
            Oct. 12th, Friday, 10 am to noon, Amador City, City Parking lot across from Andrae’s
            Oct. 15th, Monday, 5-7 pm, Ione, Meet at Clark’s Corner
Oct. 16th, Tuesday, 5-7pm, Sutter Creek, City parking behind City Hall
Oct. 17th, Wednesday, 10 am-noon, Ione, Meet at Clark’s Corner
Oct. 17th, Wednesday, 5-7 pm, Sutter Creek, City parking behind City Hall

October 8-18
Mayors press release and photo
Ads placed for publication starting October 15th
Ledger-Dispatch, KVGC1340AM, TSPN, online Amador County News
October 12
            Print postcard
October 15-November 2nd
Place letters to editor and Op Ed pieces by our best supporters
Ads publish
Oct. 23: Direct mailer arrives to Absentee Voters

November 1st-5th
Get Out the Vote: Volunteers call all previously identified “yes” voters to remind them to get out and vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6

Services Provided by Consultant
Provide campaign strategy and overall management
Message development for all communications
Manage strategic outreach for the coalition building
Write quotes to be approved by supporters in campaign communications
Mail Piece: overseeing the development, writing, and creation
Door hanger or printed material: developing the dopy and printing
Review newspaper ads
Guidance for volunteer outreach and writing the phoning script to be used to contact voters
Draft limited number of letters to the editor
Review any Op Eds and speeches for message consistency
Create endorsement card

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