Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Amador Council of Tourism - Measure Q

Hello, nonprofit destinations and events of Amador County...

On the November ballot, ACT is sponsoring Measure Q. I am asking for each of you to endorse the measure (please see attached endorsement card). You can respond positively to me by email and I will use your email as the endorsement. We want a list of the nonprofit organizations on our advertising to show broad-based support.

Also we need help passing out doorhangers in the densely populated areas, starting next week and into the following week. You don’t have to talk to anyone, just drop off the card. And we are doing it in two-hour increments. Any amount of time will be greatly appreciated. Please call the office, 267-9249, to let us know if you are willing to help or email me.

Measure Q increases the tourist occupancy tax on hotels and motels in the unincorporated areas of the county from 6% to 10%. Please read the attached [below] talking points for details.

Many thanks for your help and support,

Maureen Funk
Amador Council of Tourism
Sutter Hill Transit Center, 115 Valley View Way
Mail: PO Box 40
Sutter Creek CA 95685
office: 209-267-9249
cell: 209-969-5065


TOT Talking Points
• Measure Q will boost our local economy, support local jobs, attract new tourism so we can keep Amador county working
• Q levels the playing field for Amador County by increasing fees for visiting tourists by 4% so that Amador collects the same amount as other tourist destinations in Northern California and invests in attracting new business and tourism, just like other tourist destinations.
• Under Measure Q, Amador County will work to attract new business and jobs…without costing local residents a penny.
• Measure Q is an investment in making our downtowns as vibrant and active as they can be…and that’s good for all local families.
• For every one dollar of local tourism spending, it generates $5 in greater local economic benefit.
• When we have thriving downtowns and a stronger local economy, that means less crime and a safer community for all of us, including our kids and seniors.
• Our economy here in the Gold Country has been hit hard by the recession. This is one way that we can fight back and get more tourism spending here in our community.
• Measure Q supports our way of life here in the foothills.
• Q is for improving our Quality of life. It’s the right kind of investment that will reinvigorate our economy and keep Amador competitive with other tourist destinations in Northern California.

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