Tuesday, October 23, 2012

ACWN Membership Deal - Only $35!

Hi ladies!

We the 2012 ACWN board want to thank you all for a TERRIFIC year and we have all enjoyed our term as your "leaders".  We wanted to offer you all a great big Thank you for being such a fantastic networking group! We want to offer everyone $5.00 off of your Yearly Membership Dues  between now and December 15th! That's right yearly dues will be just $35.00 rather than the $40.00 it is normally!

No need for any action right now other than letting me know you are interested! I will work one on one with everyone to get your renewal/membership in and make sure all info is correct and ready to go for our Directory next year!

Have a great night and see you all on Wednesday at Cooper Winery!

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