Tuesday, August 7, 2012

JBCA: Special Car Event - Sat Aug 19

Dear Members,
On Saturday August 19th, 2012 there will be a special car event in and around Amador County. The show will be based at the Italian Picnic Grounds and JBCA has been asked to help entertain these people and encourage them to shop in Jackson and Sutter Creek.The actual car show is Sunday, so there will be considerable free time for what is expected to be 900 to 1000 people, with very high-end show cars, from all over the state and country.
The  organizers want to send these people to your business. They propose that you offer a one-day discount or special to the car show members, if they come in and ask about it. The key for them will be to see the poster of the car show on your front door. They get a registration packet when they arrive for the show, so they will know about the promotion. Sutter Creek merchants have agreed to this concept already. JBCA has posters available now. We can also help you get a coupon or offer into the show's "goodie bag" if you can supply them with several hundred items.
 If you are interested, call me 601-5698, or come by MWF 9 to 1 in JBCA office and we will fix you up. The cars in this show are the best you will ever see, with well-heeled owners. They are the kind of tourist we are looking for. I know this is short notice, but well worth doing.

Pat Crew, President
Jackson Business & Community Association

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