Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hein & Company transforming itself in unique ways

August 1, 2012 - Hein & Company Bookstore’s current media room with used DVDs, VHSs, CDs, and computer games will be pushed back deeper inside the hulk of its building to create in its place a Steam Punk Room filled with gadgets, gears, vintage curiosities, Victorian rarities, and novelties from a bygone industrial era.  This project will be completed by October, 2012.

At the same time, the proprietors of Hein & Company are renovating their office.  You may not find it unless you discover the bookcase that reveals itself in a very “abby-normal” way – and only if you know the pass-phrase:  Think Transylvania; think castles; think destiny; think of a crazed doctor and provocative assistant who are determined to discover the source of a melancholic violin sonata – only then will the pass-phrase occur to you.  This project will be complete by August, 2012.

Although it may seem improbable, it’s true:  An even greater trick is up their sleeves.  Hein & Company Bookstore intends to build a recreation of 221-B Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes' Victorian flat in London, circa 1887.  You may say it's excellent!  But it's only elementary!  As well as existing as a homage to one of the greatest detectives who ever lived (only questionably in the Imagi-Nation), it will be offered as a pilgrimage site for Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts the world over.  “Baker Street West” will provide a venue for local events that beg for the unusual or mysterious.  This project will be complete in 2013.

Where an event exists, there must be a reception area to receive guests.  Hence, The Sola-Luna Lounge, a late Victorian/African/Egyptian antechamber is being designed and slated to complete in 2013.

Our renovations here pay tribute to Amador County, to Main Street Jackson, and to all the shopkeepers who work so hard in this county.  If you would like to be involved, please let us know.

Donations are accepted from “Friends” of 221-B Baker Street and The Sola-Luna Lounge and will be acknowledged by a “sleuth” or “big-game” plaque or documented in the “Holmes Hounds” master ledger or honored by a private party.

Hein & Company is looking for all things Victorian as well as all things Egyptian or African from the Victorian era.  Any donations of Sherlock Holmes’ books or pastiches will be given credit for other Hein & Company merchandise.  

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